A Peek In The Studio

Bisqued and ready for the next step

Pots ready for waxing and glazing

Next for the bisque kiln

Just finished and ready for a quick dry
I am getting ready to glaze for the next 
load for the wood kiln- I was hoping to have 
the new gas kiln ready to go, but
hopefully that will happen soon.  Shortly, I
will be going to 2 shows- the Old Church 
Show in Demarest, NJ- curated by
Karen Karnes, and then to Boston 
for the CraftBoston Show organized 
by Society of Arts and Crafts.  I'm 
looking forward to a great firing...hoping
also that this mild weather lasts another week
to see me through this next work period!

More box shapes drying quickly!
Drying here is one of my favorite, classic box shapes-
 I'm also hoping that you'll  notice my heavy
duty banding wheel!  It was made for me by a very
talented and close friend.
I love it and use it all the time!


  1. As usual, some interesting and intriguing shapes. I can't wait to see pictures of these after they are fired!
    Boy, that banding wheel sure is "heavy-duty", I bet it could survive an explosion and still turn smoothly. What is it made from?

  2. Hi Dave,
    Will let you know as soon as things are unloaded...the banding wheel is so great that I think it would survive an explosion and still keep turning..it is so smooth-
    I'll let you know how things turn out in the kiln- thanks for checking in-

  3. Those are amazing! I love the box shape. It takes a lot of skill in my opinion. Lovely work.


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