Old is New Again!!!

The small shed where the kiln was housed

The amazing feat-2000+pounds of kiln!

    I am very excited about a "new" old kiln I recently purchased...it is smaller than anything I have used in the past, but I'm sure I will adjust to a new and different cycle of making work and firing it.  Instead of working and waiting sometimes for months to fire new pieces, I will be able to fire and see results in 7-10 days...if not sooner.  I rented a u-haul and drove down to Cape Cod, had a forklift pick the kiln up (all 2000+pounds of it) and load it into the truck.  I drove the 6 hours back to Maine, where I hired another couple of guys with tractor and forks, along with a lift truck to pull it off the truck and position it on the concrete pad!  It was all very exciting, and a bit anxiety producing at the same time.  Alas, now I need to build a roof to protect the kiln from the elements, and I will be off and running!  It is a small alpine- with a swing door.....no need to brick the door up after each load!  I am anxious to fire it, but am running out of time before winter.  So, I may have to wait- we'll see!  Here are a few photos of getting the kiln onto the u-haul-
Moving down the alley

On the truck!


  1. Wish you luck with your new kiln, and hope to see some more new great pieces soon!

  2. Hey- thanks Dave...I'll be firing the wood kiln next week, but I am certainly excited about cranking up those burners and getting some good old copper reds to go along with the rest of my palette!


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