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Icicles threatening the window-what a sight-some more than 4 feet in length

CraftBoston Spring 2011

It has been a VERY busy winter...we have had lots of snow here in Western Maine.  I have been busy making new work, with a firing completed a few weeks ago.  It was a tough one- due to circumstances beyond our control (i.e. "the flu")  we were unable to maintain a path up to the kiln throughout the entire winter.  All it took was not clearing the snow after one storm, and it was too late!  The next time we tried we could not break through---aaaaaargh!  SO, when it came time to fire, part of the prep time was spent shoveling, and shoveling , and shoveling....the firing took longer than usual- 20 hours, but the results were great.  Then it was off to CraftBoston Spring down at the Seaport of Boston.  A wonderful and fun show hosted by the Society of Arts and Crafts. 

Faceted Jar with Flashing Slip and Copper Glaze
Box with Crater Glaze
Faceted bowl with crater glaze
Box with crater glaze
Jar with Dimpled Top
I was especially pleased with the way the cratered glazes I have been experimenting with turned out in this firing.  


  1. Glad to see you are back, I have been checking your blog for weeks looking for more of your ceramics.
    I was made aware of your ceramics by research on your husband Rob's work. I had seen his work at the ACE in Evanston, and was completely blown away by it. As a ceramist, his work totally changed the way I looked at pots, what they are, and what they could be.
    I find the same thing with your work, I am wondering and hoping that BOTH of you would be at ACE 2011, I would love to see your work in person.
    Anyway, best of luck to you both, and will be looking for more blog posts.

  2. Thanks Dave...I'm trying to consistently post more often, so thanks for checking. While Rob is planning to be in Evanston again this summer, it is difficult for both of us to be gone at the same time during such a busy time in our own gallery-so I won't be there this time...perhaps some next year. Bye for now-Diana


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