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The basement studio

I have finally succeeded in making the basement into a cozy working space. It has taken awhile to do this, but it now feels like a space I want to work in. Of course I would rather have nice big windows with a lot of natural light, but we all have to make it work with what is at hand. I am grateful for the abundant space available, and the strong and sturdy work tables. Busy days in the studio, and I will post some finished work soon, but in the meantime here are some studio shots of how things look to date. I now have a separate glazing area on the other side of the wall. This was the biggest change I recently made to the space and has made a huge difference. I think having all the dry glaze materials in the working space was a big distraction and moving them into a separate area was key. I am currently making pots to take to the  14th Annual Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail .  I was fortunate to receive an invitation to participate from my friend and fellow potter  Tiffany Hilton

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