A Fresh Start

Happy 2010 to all....I've been out of touch lately.  I've cleaned the studio though and it is time to get down to the business of making pots.  I usually like to start with something simple.  Pieces that get my hands and my brain warmed up...so this morning I sat down and made some simple porcelain bowls.  It was fun, and my mind was already speeding along imagining how beautiful they will look when I take them out of the kiln.
In my last kiln load I began to experiment once again with "crater glazes", and had a few quite successful pieces.  I was restrained in my experimentation as I really needed the work to come out looking great for the November/Holiday Shows I had on the schedule.  Now that I know what's happening(uh-oh...did I really say that?)  I am feeling bolder for this next firing.  I hope to have several hundred  large tea-bowl style pieces that I can go crazy with the glazing on.  I've taken a picture of my work table-


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