Hello and Welcome!

O.K.-Here I go.....This is my first posting-I want to say hello and welcome. I'll quickly introduce myself...I'm a potter living and working in the western mountains of Maine with my husband(who is also a potter-view web site http://www.robsieminski.com/ ) and wonderful son, Wyatt. We welcome visitors year-round to our gallery called Bog Pond Pottery, come visit! Here are a few pictures of the place-it's very quiet, mostly surrounded by trees and wild animals...we often see moose and even have them sleeping just a few yards from our home. We love it here, in spite of harsh winters that can make firing the kiln very difficult. I'll get into more of that later-seeing as I will be firing in early March. I'll be exhibiting in the Philadelphia Invitational Furniture and Furnishings Show (www.pffshow.com) March 27-28. I have many ideas for new work and am eager to get into the studio. My last firing was at the end of October, and since then I've been to several shows. While I really enjoy the shows, hearing what others say, selling the work, and seeing what others are making- the best part of the job is making work, especially when ideas are flowing and there is time enough for development. So, onward I go...I'm off to start the fire and warm things up(literally). Until next time-Diana


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