Spring Visitors...

Stopping to snack
Gallery Visitor

Did I hear Sale???

Summer in our gallery here at the pottery is a busy time, with many people visiting.  We are open most days from 10-5, or by appointment.  People come from all over the country and often stop in on their travels around the state.We never quite know when someone will come walking up our driveway, but it is always a welcome sight and we have met many wonderful people since our gallery opened 7 years ago.  We look forward to the coming gallery season as it is a time filled with great anticipation of who may come and what will be sold- we always have high hopes!  While the first visitors of the season were a welcome bunch, they were not much in the pottery buying mood.  They were more interested in the young birch and apple tree leaves that were just budding.  For us, however, they are always the most welcome of visitors.  They stop by often, sometimes even spending the night just outside our sun porch.


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